Managed Databases

Connect your applications to our managed database solution.

Databases Engines

We currently offer PostgreSQL as well as MariaDB databases.

Instance Types

Our regular instance types range from 256 MB up to 1 TB of RAM. Within tiers you can scale your resources instantly, for example scaling from SB-G1-1GB to SB-G1-4GB will happen instantly.


Hobby instances are suitable for hobby projects that don't have a lot of requirements and don't need any guarantees.

  • HOBBY-256MB256 MB RAM / Limited CPU
  • HOBBY-512MB512 MB RAM / Limited CPU


Sandbox instances are ideal during development, trying out Nodion as well as smaller databases that don't need predictable CPU performance.

  • SB-G1-1GB1 GB RAM / Shared CPU
  • SB-G1-2GB2 GB RAM / Shared CPU
  • SB-G1-4GB4 GB RAM / Shared CPU

General Purpose

General purpose instances are recommended for production usage, as you will have predictable performance and CPU threads pinned down for your application.

  • GP-G1-8GB8 GB RAM / 2 vCPU
  • GP-G1-16GB16 GB RAM / 4 vCPU
  • GP-G1-32GB32 GB RAM / 8 vCPU

Automated Backups

Each instance type includes 9 backup slots for backups that are created every 24 hours. You can adjust the slot amount (9-1794) as well as the interval (24h-10m).


Databases are currently only available through our internal network and not publicly. That means you can connect them to your Nodion applications, but not access them publicly.