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Incredible Features

High Performance

All cloud servers are based on Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC RAM and pure SSD storage. You’ll be hosted on exceptional no-compromise hypervisors.

15 second deployment

All cloud servers are spawned within around
15 seconds so you can access them nearly instantly. Don’t wait for manual setup anymore.

Exceptional Network

Your cloud servers are connected to a 1 Gbps port which is connected to our ultra fast, multi-homed premium network.

KVM Virtualization

All cloud servers are based on the leading KVM virtualization technology to allow you operate with a peace of mind.

500 Gbit/s DDoS protection

All incoming traffic is filtered by our Anti DDoS system which is operated by Voxility. Say adiós to any DDoS attack.

100% Uptime SLA

All that is backed by our 100% Uptime SLA. Server down? You don’t have to pay anything for that period of time.

Simply Simple

Everything we do is based on one premise: simplicity. We don’t want to confuse you, we understand you simply want a fast server.

Prime locations

We are present at major internet hubs around the world. Currently you can spawn your nodes in Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam.

24/7/365 Support

We are here to help! Feel free to contact us at any time via ticket or live chat. Our support team is working around the clock to assist you.

Simple Pricing

General Purpose









1 GB

1 Core


1 TB

1 Gbps

5 EUR / Month or 0,01 EUR / Hour


2 GB

1 Core


1 TB

1 Gbps

10 EUR / Month or 0,02 EUR / Hour


4 GB

2 Cores


2 TB

1 Gbps

20 EUR / Month or 0,04 EUR / Hour


8 GB

4 Cores

120 GB SSD

2 TB

1 Gbps

40 EUR / Month or 0,08 EUR / Hour


16 GB

6 Cores

250 GB SSD

3 TB

1 Gbps

80 EUR / Month or 0,16 EUR / Hour


32 GB

8 Cores

500 GB SSD

3 TB

1 Gbps

160 EUR / Month or 0,32 EUR / Hour

Pricing in EUR. Excludes any applicable tax. Billed per month. Additional traffic is charged at 0,02 EUR / GB.


Where is your datacenter?

All of Nodion offerings are hosted in premium locations. We are currently present in
Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam.

What CPUs are being used?

All of our hypervisors are rack servers with either Intel Xeon E3 or E5 CPUs. You can
expect your vCPUs to have at least 2 GHz.

What about Backups?

Since we are an unmanaged service you are responsible to backup your stuff. We are not performing any backups of your servers.

What SSDs are being used?

Currently we have three very reliable SSD models in use: Samsung PM863, Samsung SM863 and Samsung 850 Pro.

Is this Local Storage?

Yes. To maximize the performance of your instances all of your SSD Storage is local.
So there won’t be any speed bottlenecks.

What about RAID?

Even though all SSDs are deployed in Raid 10, Raid 5 or Raid 6 we recommend to make regular backups, since RAID won't replace backups.

Am I protected against DDoS?

Yes. Every incoming traffic is routed through Voxility’s network and their advanced DDoS technology. Up to 500 Gbps DDoS capacity.

Any Test IP or Test Files?

Sure thing. You can use our looking glass to
test everything. It is hosted on a 5 EUR plan and located on a server that is in production use.

What port speed can I expect?

Every hypervisor has 2-4 1GbE public uplinks. Your cloud servers are able to use 1 GbE, so there is enough capacity at any given time.

Questions? Feel free to email us.