Cloud Application Hosting

Easily host your applications, databases and storage buckets on our high performance cloud platform. Quickly deploy and scale without having to worry about any servers or infrastructure.

  • PaaS for Europe
  • Highly Scalable
  • Easy-to-use

Get up and running in 55 seconds!

Free Tier: Every account starts with 10€ free starting balance that can be used for hobby plans. No payment method required – if you add one we will additionally wave the first 5€ of your monthly bill.


Push your code to production with ease.

Connect your existing Git repositories or provide us with an archive –
we’ll take care of deploying, scaling and managing your apps.

Source Code

Your application can be ingested via Git Integrations or simply as an archive. Nodion takes your source code and turns it into a runnable image which gets deployed.


Get started quickly with the help of Buildpacks. Buildpacks allow us to support the most common languages like Go, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, Java and .NET.

- or -


If you already have a Dockerfile and want to use it or if Buildpacks are a limiting factor, we support regular Dockerfiles that allow our platform to build your image as declared.


As soon as our platform built the runnable image it will automatically get deployed to our fleet of servers within seconds. From your source code to production with ease.

Scale from hobby project
to millions of users.

Never worry about scaling your applications again.
Scale from one to millions of users hassle-free.

Scale horizontally

Simply add or remove instances from your application. Currently we support adding up to 32 instances per application.

Scale vertically

We offer instance types ranging from 256 MB of RAM up to 64 GB of RAM. Allowing for up to 2 TB of RAM per application.

Need even more power? Contact us, we can offer custom instance types with up to 1 TB of RAM to achieve up to 32 TB of RAM per application.

Lean back and observe.

Our platform offers all kinds of features to make your life easier.
Focus on your product instead of managing its infrastructure.


We constantly monitor your applications' instances. You will see detailed graphs with CPU usage and RAM usage which makes it easy to identify traffic spikes and initiate scaling events.


Our platform captures all application logs that are sent to stdout and stderr. You can fetch them and look at them within Nodion or forward all logs to your own logging infrastructure via log drains.

Additional Managed Services

Managed Databases

Databases without

Databases made easy. Reliable managed databases.

  • Secure, Reliable & Fast

    Your databases will run on Raid-10 NVMe configs for the maximum amount of speed and performance.

  • Automated Backups

    Don't worry about backups anymore. You can select how often Nodion should create backups.

Object Storage

Secure & Reliable
Object Storage

Integrate our S3 compatible object storage solution with ease.

  • S3 compatible

    Our object storage service is compatible with S3. Keep using your existing SDKs and libraries.

  • Highest durability

    Our storage types range from 1x to 3x replication, depending on the durability needs of your data.

Personal Support

Get support from the developers that build the platform.
Knowledgable and technical support from real humans.

Email us

Contact us 24/7 for pre-sales questions via email and our team will get back to you right away with a response.

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Open a ticket

Our clients can open support tickets from the client area. Technical solutions directly from our developers.

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Free migration

You want to migrate to Nodion but don't want to actually deal with it? Discuss your free migration with us.

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We also have SLA plans available if you need support guarantees.