Object Storage

We offer S3-compatible object storage buckets with three storage tiers.

Since application instances make use of ephemeral storage, we offer S3-compatible buckets that your applications can use to store data, assets and more. You can keep using your existing S3 libraries and tools, since our buckets will most likely be compatible with them.

We offer three different storage tiers: Standard with 3x replication, Nearline with 2x replication and Archive Storage where only one copy is stored without any replication. While Standard and Nearline offer the same performance, you can expect Archive Storage to be a bit slower due the fact that this storage class is built for data that is not being access frequently, for example backups.

Storage is billed by the hour. Our system checks every hour how much storage your buckets use and this is amount is added towards your monthly bill. We don't charge for requests, so there are no hidden or unclear costs involved when using our object storage solution.

Getting started with Buckets

To create buckets you first need to create an access key, this can be achieved by navigating to your Project --> Security and creating a new Object Storage Access Keys.

Access Key Screenshot

With those credentials you are now able to create buckets with your favorite CLI tool or by navigating to Storage --> Add Bucket.

Storage Screenshot