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March update adds SSH accounts and schedules

Mar 08, 2023

Two highly requested features were being able to SSH into containers to run specific commands or to check certain things through a console as well as running cron like recurring jobs. We have added SSH accounts and Schedules to applications. As always we are happy to receive feedback.

Database improvements, DNS API and more

Feb 10, 2023

In January we were busy enhancing our Managed Database (DBaaS) offering. Especially PostgreSQL got some love and was improved by adding two new early access features: Replicas and Public Access. It's now possible to add up to three read-only replicas for redundancy. Public access was so far not possible, we enabled this for PostgreSQL now – MariaDB and Redis will follow.

Additionally there are some more features to be discovered. For example it's possible now to enable 2FA for your account. This was a missing piece in further enhancing security on our platform. Our free Managed DNS service finally has an API and we added some QoL improvements.

Celebrating winter time with firecrackers

Dec 12, 2022

Our final update this year was just being released and includes the switch from regular linux containers to Firecracker virtual machines. All application and database instances are now spawned as completely isolated KVM VMs. This further enhances the security of our platform as a whole and allowed us to revisit the deployment phase of applications. We took the time to not only switch to Firecracker but also optimize the deployment process itself, which means deployments should now be around 20 % faster on average.

New Git integrations

Oct 25, 2022

We were already compatible with Github (Cloud), GitLab (Cloud), Bitbucket and Gitea. We now added support for Github Enterprise, GitLab self-hosted as well as Gogs and with this update we finally integrated all of our planned Git integrations. We are happy to release this today for selected customers as a private beta and for everyone later this year.

Data transfer price reduction

Sep 27, 2022

Thanks to our growth and steady increase in network capacity we are able to pass on a price reduction for data transfer. Specifically that means that we will cut our data transfer pricing in half, before the change we charged 0,02 € per GB for the first 10 TB. After the change we will charge 0,01 €. For the next 100 TB the new pricing is at 0,005 € per GB and everything above is at 0,0025 € per GB which equals to a per-TB price of 2,50 €. The reduction will be visible on your next invoice and we will reduce the price for traffic generated this month.

Nodion launches revamped platform

Sep 13, 2022

Over the past few weeks we were busy building a revamped experience for your applications. We added support for Cloud Native Buildpacks as well as Docker and battle-tested those features closely with some of our customers. After ironing out the last few things we are happy to release this update today.

At this point we support several Buildpack Builders, like Paketo Buildpacks, Google Cloud Buildpacks as well as Heroku Buildpacks to get you up and running quickly. We are continuing our effort to have our own Nodion Builder which perfectly integrates in our platform down the road.

Please check out our Docs to learn more about Buildpacks and Docker.