Scalable Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting with reliability, stability, performance and privacy in mind. Built from the ground to deliver the performance your project deserves, right at your fingertips.

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Cloud Hosting without any compromise.


30 second deployment

All cloud servers are spawned within around 30 seconds. Access them nearly instantly. No need to wait for manual setup or re-stocks anymore.


Incredible Performance

All cloud servers are based on High Performance CPUs, ECC RAM and pure SSD storage. You’ll be hosted on exceptional fast hypervisors.


Exceptional Network

We operate our own premium network (AS41546) to which all cloud servers are connected to. We have multiple Tier 1 upstreams like Telia and TATA.


Per second billing

Cloud servers are billed per second, you only pay the amount, exact to the second, that you've used. No monthly contracts or billing shenanigans.


100% Uptime SLA

All that is backed by our 100% Uptime SLA. If your server is down, you don’t have to pay anything for that period of time. We'll credit you for downtime.


24/7/365 Support

We are here to help! Feel free to contact us any time via ticket or live chat. Our experienced team is working around the clock to assist you.

We are present in the networking epicenter.

With two locations in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, we are right at where the action is.

Biggest IX worldwide

The DE-CIX is the biggest internet exchange point of the world. With an average of 4 Tbps throughput and over 700 connected networks it makes it the ideal location to exchange traffic.

Every major carrier

In Frankfurt we are able to reach nearly every major carrier directly, which is benefical for many reasons, but the most important one is that direct connections lower the latency and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Low Latency

Frankfurt gives us the advantage to reach users around the globe with the lowest possible latency on average. Let it be New York City (~80ms), Los Angeles (~150ms) or the China Telecom (~200ms), we're only ms away.

Two independent locations

Our presence on the Interxion Campus and the Telehouse is ideal for solutions that require stability, reliability and the highest uptime possible. Both locations are directly connected to each other with sub ms latency.

Simple Pricing, billed by the second.

1 GB Memory
20 GB SSD Disk
1 vCPU
1 TB Traffic
5 EUR / Mo.
You'll be billed 0,000001929012346 EUR per second
2 GB Memory
40 GB SSD Disk
1 vCPU
2 TB Traffic
10 EUR / Mo.
You'll be billed 0,000003858024691 EUR per second
4 GB Memory
80 GB SSD Disk
2 vCPU
3 TB Traffic
20 EUR / Mo.
You'll be billed 0,000007716049383 EUR per second
8 GB Memory
160 GB SSD Disk
2 vCPU
4 TB Traffic
40 EUR / Mo.
You'll be billed 0,000015432098770 EUR per second
16 GB Memory
320 GB SSD Disk
4 vCPU
5 TB Traffic
80 EUR / Mo.
You'll be billed 0,000030864197530 EUR per second
32 GB Memory
640 GB SSD Disk
8 vCPU
10 TB Traffic
160 EUR / Mo.
You'll be billed 0,000061728395060 EUR per second
64 GB Memory
1.280 GB SSD Disk
16 vCPU
20 TB Traffic
320 EUR / Mo.
You'll be billed 0,000123456790100 EUR per second

Additional IPv4 addresses are available for 2 EUR / IP / month.

Pricing in EUR. Excludes any applicable tax. Additional traffic is charged at 0,02 EUR / GB.

Supported operating systems.




Personal support that cares.

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