Accelerate your product development.

Push code to production with ease – scaled automatically.

Your focus is developing software.

Focus on the things that matter without the need to worry about infrastructure management. Connect your Git repositiories and add updates to your projects – our platform will automatically run your CI/CD pipeline and will deploy your code. It is as easy as it gets.

We deploy and scale it automatically.

If you want, we automatically monitor your application, database, and storage bucket utilization 24/7 and reallocate, spawn, or delete resources within milliseconds to seconds if needed. Only use the resources you need and automatically scale your software with ease.

With our high performance infrastructure.

We operate and fully control our own infrastructure and do not resell existing cloud infrastructure with another UX layer on top. Utilizing the most renowned data centers, we enable you to deliver reliable and data secure apps with the highest performance standards – no doubts.


Launching your applications on our platform is simple and straightforward.

  1. Add your Git account to our platform
  2. Create a new app, connected to a specific repo and branch
  3. Our system delpoys everything automatically

You don't have to take care of managing any infrastructure or servers. Gone are the days of updating servers, hardening them or spawning new resources manually.

Develop as you usually do – Nodion is not distracting your development workflow. We accelerate your release cycles and automatically scale your applications. Focus on your business. We will focus on making it available and scale.

You don't have to take our word for it. You can start right away with a 50 € budget to try out our services. No strings attached.

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Connect your repository to your application.

From commit to deployment within seconds.




Bitbucket, Gitea, etc.

We support all major Git services including: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Gitea, Gogs, etc. – self-hosted or not.

Add Repository

Connect your repository to your app. That way we can access your source code and run pipelines as well as deploy your code on our automated server farm.

Select Pipeline

Optionally you are able to run CI/CD pipelines as soon as there are new commits to specific branches. You are completely flexible which pipelines to run.

Deploy on success

As soon as your pipelines have run successfully, our platform will roll out the newest version of your app within seconds to our highly available application platform.

Different environments for different solutions.

The best environment for your application. Select one of the following.

Static Sites

Do you have a simple, static site built with something like Vue CLI, a React app or a Middleman site? We have the perfect solution with our static applications. Your application will be deployed to our storage bucket cluster and served by our CDN.

Dynamic web apps

The perfect solution for your dynamic projects. Whether you have a REST API, web application or similar services. New commits will be deployed within seconds and be available on our highly available platform. No need to touch any server ever again!

Custom containers

Already have a ready-to-ship Docker container? Add the docker file to your repository and we will deploy your docker container automatically. The easy way to get your existing docker containers running on Nodion within seconds.

Run anything on our platform.

Whether web apps, static sites, background workers or dockerfiles.