Why PaaS?

Platform-as-a-Sevice (PaaS) removes the complexity of setting up
and maintaining the server infrastructure for your software.
It enables companies to accelerate their time to market
while preserving development resources.

Time Savings

No distractions that take time like adding security patches to your server fleet. Your developers don't need to touch servers.

Speed to market

Push to your existing Git repository and you are done. Nodion takes care of deploying, monitoring and managing your app.

Focus on Product

Allow developers to focus on developing software without the distraction (or additional headcount) of managing servers.

Scale with ease

Scaling is very easy. You can add resources with the click of a button, via webhook or let our autoscale feature take care of it.

No changes necessary

Keep your existing Git service, repositories as well as your CI/CD pipelines. Our platform integrates perfectly with them.


You don't need to keep up with deployment technology, Docker, Kubernetes or any of that. We'll protect you from distractions.

Increase Security

We take security very seriously. Our dedicated security team is making sure that our infrastructure is always up-to-date.

Deploy anything

We support the most common languages and frameworks. Your apps will most likely run without additional setup.

Save money

Instead of having own employees dedicated to DevOps or developers investing time into those topics you can simply use Nodion.

What does PaaS do?

On top of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), PaaS provides an intermediate layer including the operating system, middleware, runtime environments, server monitoring & maintenance, backups, restore solutions, failover switches, scaling, and more.

After developing an application, PaaS automates the deployment, management and scaling of the application based on those features.

Who can benefit from PaaS?

PaaS is for companies that want to focus on the development of their product and not its infrastructure. Our platform can be used for the following things.

Rest API

Scale your API
with ease

Web Applications

Deploy your web application

Static sites

Deploy a static frontend site


Easily host your microservice

Data Analysis

Host your data analysis process


Run and scale your SQL database


Use our managed Redis service


S3 storage to store your files/assets

The Nodion Platform.


Deploy auto-scaled applications like web apps, APIs, microservices or even static sites.

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Scale managed databases with automated backups and failover solutions.

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Store your application's assets within our reliable and durable S3 object storage.

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