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Storage Pricing

Billed by the exact amount of storage used.

All requests are included and for free

Blazingly fast CDN to serve stored assets

Object Storage

Our S3 compatible object storage tiers.

Standard (3x Replication)

Nearline (2x Replication)

Archive (No Replication)

0,03 € / GB

0,02 € / GB

0,005€ / GB

Data transfer

Outbound CDN and S3 traffic from our network AS39018 to the internet.

First 10 TB

Next 100 TB

> 110 TB

0,02 € / GB

0,01 € / GB

0,005€ / GB

All prices are addressed to companies and shown as net (excl. VAT).

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How does billing work?

We'll charge you on the 1st of each month for the usage of the previous month. All services are billed down to the second to make sure you only pay what you've used.

How am I able to pay?

We currently support SEPA Direct Debit and credit cards. We will charge your default payment method at the 1st of each month. Paying via PayPal is on our roadmap but not possible yet.

How does the starting credit work?

Every account starts with a balnce of 5€ to try out our services. It's not necessary to add a payment method right away, even though some services are locked and a quota in place, so we recommend it.

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