Secure & Reliable
Object Storage

Integrate our S3 compatible object storage solution with ease.

Highest durability

Depending on the storage type, data is replicated accross up to three different servers and drives, which makes it highly unlikely to lose any data at all.

S3 compatible

Our object storage service is completely S3 compatible, apart from policies, which are very specific. Simply keep using your existing SDKs to connect to our solution.

Easy integrated

You can keep the libraries you are currently using to connect to a S3 service and simply point them to us. It will be working out of the box by simply changing a config file.

CDN included

Every bucket comes with our CDN that can be used to serve assets performant and fast. We have non-blocking connections to providers like Deutsche Telekom (AS3320).

Hosted & Made in Germany

Nodion is based in Germany and we operate our own infrastructure. We have our own network, own our hardware and can tweak every part of our platform.

Highest security standards

Your data is safe. Apart from the regulatory standards our #1 goal is to keep your data secure. We don't use 3rd party servers and prioritize security over everything else.

Germany-based & GDPR compliant

Data does not
leave Europe


Most renowned
data centers

Simple Pricing

Object Storage

Our S3 compatible object storage tiers.

Standard (3x Replication)

Nearline (2x Replication)

Archive (No Replication)

0,03 € / GB

0,02 € / GB

0,005€ / GB

Data transfer

Outbound CDN and S3 traffic from our network AS39018 to the internet.

First 10 TB

Next 100 TB

> 110 TB

0,02 € / GB

0,01 € / GB

0,005€ / GB

Use our free migration service

You want to migrate to Nodion but without the hassle that a move might come with?

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