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Nodion Regions

Leverage our global platform to deliver your services close to your users.

How Nodion Locations work

The concept of Regions with Nodion is that they are completely isolated from each other. You have to decide in which region you want to spawn your services – that way your data will stay there. That means even our registry where application images are pushed to, logging and metrics services are all located within the selected region. This has multiple advantages such as performance, since images are not being sent around the globe and of course from a data privacy perspective your data will always stay in the desired country.

Available Locations

The following regions are available for everyone after signing up.

Location Country Handle Available Services
Frankfurt, DE Germany fra Applications, Databases, Object Storage

Beta Locations

Those locations are either in private or public beta and will be released shortly.

Location Country Handle Available Services
Ashburn, VA United States iad Applications, Databases, Object Storage
Singapore, SG Singapore sgp Applications, Databases, Object Storage

Upcoming Locations

We are currently preparing the following region to be released as Beta shortly.

Location Country Handle ETA
Santa Clara, CA United States sjc Q1/2024
Toronto, CA Canada tor Q1/2024
London, UK United Kingdom lon Q1/2024
Sydney, AU Australia syd Q1/2024
Mumbai, IN India bom Q1/2024
Tokyo, JP Japan hnd Q1/2024