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Git Integrations

Connect your Git repository to Nodion and deploy when new commits arrive.

The recommended way to deploy your applications to Nodion is by adding Git integrations. When adding an application you can select a connected repository as well as the desired branch. This way you can either manually deploy the latest commit by calling a HTTPS endpoint, clicking a button or by enabling autodeploy, which will deploy as soon as a new commit arrives in the selected repo and branch.

Trigger deployments manually via API

This scenario is the recommended way of deploying your application with Git integrations. You can run your CI pipeline and if everything ran successfully you can simply call an endpoint to deploy the latest commit. This way you have full control over when your application gets deployed.

Trigger deployments manually via Button

The same principle as with calling the API, but instead of automatically connecting something to the API you can click on a button within our Web UI. By clicking on the deploy button the latest commit will be deployed.

Supported Git services

We support the most common Git services:

  • GithubCloud & Enterprise
  • GitLabCloud & self-hosted
  • BitbucketCloud
  • GiteaSelf-hosted
  • GogsSelf-hosted