Nodion is a PaaS service that simplifies how you will be developing your software. Think of us as part of your team – you can focus on developing, while we take care of deploying, managing servers, scaling and simply making sure your project is up and running. You can sleep well, while we are available and on-call 24/7. A big burden was just lifted off your shoulders. Nice!

You are probably using Git. Which platform does not matter much, we are currently compatible with Github, GitLab and Bitbucket. Soon we also will be compatible with self-hosted GitLab, Gitea, Gogs and Github Enterprise. You can connect your Git account to our platform so we are able to see when new commits arrive. We call those Integrations, because, well they are actually Git integrations!

After signing up you can create a new Integration. You can also have multiple integrations. We will sync the names of your repos and its branches with our platform so you can create Applications based on those repos. You are able to provide our platform some details about your Application for it to run properly. This is done through a file called nodion.yml, which sits in the root of your repo. You could also use our web interface to configure some basic parameters, but the nodion file is recommended.

Think of the nodion file as a way to configure the environment your application needs to run properly. We offer several native environments for different languages, which can be selected with this file. For example you could tell our platform to use the PHP environment with either Nginx or Apache. If you need to run some commands at build time, just add them to the file. Need to run a start command? No problem! You could even call bash scripts when deploying new instances.

Every application comes with the option to add Services and Workers. Think of services as addons for your application. Those could be Databases. We currently support PostgreSQL, MariaDB® and Redis™. Workers are basically additional instances that can be spawned when deploying. Think of background workers as additional software you want to run alongside your main application.

Additionally we offer a S3-compatible Object Storage solution. This way you can store your applications assets and files within our storage clusters and don't need to worry about scaling anything. Applications will scale horizontally or vertically and independently of storage needs.

We have a lot of ideas and a clear vision to make developers happy and make deploying software as easy as it can be. We are just starting out but are always open for feedback or feature suggestions.