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Free Tier

How you can try out Nodion for free and why we don't offer a monthly free tier.

Free Starting Balance

You can use coupon code START10 to top up your accounts balance with 10 EUR. That means you can try out Nodion absolutely hassle-free without the need of adding a payment method. You have access to all features Nodion has to offer, but can only create applications and databases with the smallest instance type.

If you like what you see and want to get serious, you can add a payment method and all instance as well as database types will become available according to your quota.

Why we don't offer a monthly free tier

We don't believe in offering services for free. Everything costs money and we put a lot of effort into our product. A free tier would incurr unpredictable costs that we would have to maintain basically forever. Our plans are all affordable and compared to our competition we think that our services are very well priced.

Since we are not venture funded or part of a big tech conglomerate it's important to us that we are building a company that is based on a solid foundation and here in the future – a partner you can rely on. We are profitable, independent and focused on building the best product to support you.

Student or open source maintainer?

If you are a student working on side projects or want to showcase your projects for university, we offer a 500 EUR one-time coupon, which should get you through your studies.

If you are an open source maintainer and want to showcase a demo of your product we've got your back and will run it for free as long as the project exists. Simply open a support ticket.