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Archive Upload

Upload your source code as .zip archive and it will be deployed

If you don't want to make use of our Git integrations we offer the possibility to upload a .zip file with your source code. Instead of cloning your Git repo, this way our platform simply extracts the archive and the deployment continues as usual.

Automated archive upload

This deployment method can be automated by sending a POST request with the archive to an API endpoint. This allows you to automate the whole process and integrate this method in your existing CI pipeline workflow. The last step of your pipeline could be used to send the API request to create a new deployment.

Manual archive upload

You can manually create a .zip archive of your source code and upload it via our Web UI. Afterwards a new deployment will be triggered and the source code will be deployed shortly afterwards. Even though we are recommending automated uploads this option might be viable if you are not deploying very often.